SHOPtober 2020

SHOPtober at Jadem Arabians

From the 5th until the 15th of October 2020, we offer a 20% discount on all booked breedings! Check out the list and secure your future!

A big thank you to the lovely owners of all these magnificent stallions to contribute to the Arabian horse breed by supporting breeders worldwide!


Get in touch to receive your breeding contract for the following stallions:

- Emerald J

- Shiraz de Lafon

- Madagascar J

- Wortex Kallisté

- Jamil Al Rayyan

- Ali Khan

- Ares Kallisté

- D Khair

- Royal Asad

- Shams Al Din AA

- Bey Ambition

- El Nabila B

- SM Azraff

- Khaled Al Hamad

- Haash OSB

- RD Capriotti

- Aali Farid

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