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Jadem AI Center

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Jadem Arabians is an officially registered breeding center. Offering both services for stallions and mares. During the breeding season, we offer routine gynaecological and pregnancy examinations, management of fertility problems, foaling and neonatal guidance. Our resident veterinarian Isabelle Greiner (DVM) is daily on-site to scan the ovarian activity of the mares. Insemination with fresh or chilled semen is done within 24 hours preceding ovulation. Insemination with frozen semen is done a maximum of 6 hours after ovulation and therefore requires more intensive management. Post-breeding inflammation is checked and treated the day after insemination. Pregnancy checks are performed on days 14, 25 and 45 after ovulation. At Jadem Arabians we also offer embryo flushing and transfer. On days 7-8 after ovulation, the embryo arrives in the uterus of the donor mare. The embryo can be flushed out using sterile saline solutions. Afterwards, the embryo will be washed and cleaned and transferred into the recipient mare, which has been synchronized to the cycle of the donor mare.

Jadem Arabians is an official registered AI-lab (artificial insemination) and SBS-affiliated lab. Our lab uses highly trained staff (under the leadership of Dorien Bols), state of the art equipment and standardized protocols. Having strict quality control and sample testing, we assure you that semen quality at Jadem Arabians is optimal. Our services include fresh semen handling, semen freezing and semen evaluation. We ship fresh/chilled semen in Belgium and Europe. Frozen semen can be shipped all over the world. A frozen semen breeding dose prepared by an SBS Affiliated Laboratory is standardized to comprise eight 0.5mL straws. Semen is frozen at a concentration of 200-250 million/mL, resulting in a total of 800 million to 1 billion sperm in a final dose volume of 4mL. Given the minimum recommended post-thaw motility for commercial distribution of 30% progressive motility, each breeding dose therefore also exceeds the industry recommended minimum of 200 million progressively motile sperm per dose after thawing.

For more information or prices regarding our breeding center, AI-services and ET-services, please contact us at info@christine-jamar.be