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Jadem Consulting

Herd Management

Consulting with Christine

Once you acquire a horse or horses of your own, Jadem Arabians offers you a program of structure and the most professional care of your beloved horse(s).

We offer and discuss together with the client the best way to promote, show and market his horse(s).

A road to success starts with Jadem Arabians.

Our consulty and marketing services are globally known, we have a keen eye to find that certain special horse of your dreams!

Algamra, WN Fawn Obsesson, Klassical Dream MI, Malikat Al Moluk, Bint Hazy Al Khalediah, Rashediah Al Khashab, JFN Bint Ludhan, IM Kadidja Cathare, F Shamaal, Inshallah, Enzino PCF, LC Farfalla, Magora, Atheena, Palabra, Bess Fai'zah, QR Marc, Fallada, Emanolla, Padrons Immage are just a few examples of the quality that was noticed and marketed by Jadem Arabians.