Kuwait Egyptian Event 2023

Congratulations to our clients Mr. Othman Jassim Almehri of Al Montaha Stud & Mr. Barrak Yacoub Alhajri of Hayrat Alhilaliya on their triple silver success over the past 3 days.
OM Salam
(Dalil Elkuwait x Marbia Alsalam)
Silver champion yearling colt
RM Noor
(Asfoor Al Waab x Monique Al Sedirawi)
Silver champion junior filly
OM Jarrah
(Asfoor Al Waab x Authentic Noor)
Silver champion junior colt
Mothawi Al Hilaliya
(Asfoor Al Waab x Azza Al Jazira)
Classwinner fillies 3 years - 92.21
Shaikha Al Hilaliya
(Asfoor Al Waab x Serena Alisha)
Top 3 mares 4/6 years - 92.14
Hessa Al Hilaliya
(Asfoor Al Waab x Azza Al Jazira)
Top 3 mares 7/9 years - 92.36
Dhay Al Hilaliya
(Asfoor Al Waab x Anqaa Al Jazira)
Top 5 mares 7/9 years - 92.07
Leen Elkuwait
(Ghazal Elkuwait x Layali Elkuwait)
Top 2 mares 10+ years - 92.50
Thank you for the great cooperation and hospitality, looking forward to the future competitions.

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