Jadem’s love affair with Ekstern

Jadem’s love affair with Ekstern
Today early morning I received a call with the sad news that the legend himself has left to greener pastures, while mourning this great loss I would like to reflect and share my history with Ekstern and celebrate him for the fantastic horse he was!
It was in the year 1998 that I went on a winter visit to Michalow State Stud as I was looking for a stallion that would cross great on my Bandos and Eukaliptus daughters. While walking through the barns with Mr. Jaworowski and Mr. & Mrs. Bialobok I saw a dark dapple grey stallion who I liked a lot on first sight.
I asked if it was possible to see him outside and a few minutes later Ekstern was dancing and prancing around on the frozen ground outside.
I really liked him so I asked for his pedigree, what led us to the office where they showed me the wall where all the white mares are pictured. It was that moment I found out he was by Monogramm and Ernestyna.
Negotiations for the lease went on but without succes, later on in the hotel i called my husband to inform him how my day went. A few weeks later I returned to Michalow and made another offer for the lease and this time we came to a successful agreement for a 2 year lease.
A few weeks later in early 1999 Ekstern arrived in Belgium, ready to cover my mares.
As a part of the lease I had to promote Ekstern so i decided tho go and compete in Towerlands although Ekstern was unknown by then. As always Ekstern loved to put on a show and the English crowd cheered him on so much that he performed incredible receiving the highest score of the show including 14 times 20 and a perfect score for movement and the gold champion title award.
In the year 2000 we agreed to go and compete in the best shows, as all of you know Ekstern was unbeaten and collected titles at the Tulip Cup, Polish Nationals, All Nations Cup, European Championship and World Championship what led him to be the Triple Crown Winner!
In the meanwhile I had his first foal crop born and the cross worked great, exactly what I had hoped for!
Both directors of the polish state studs that time Mr. Bialobok & Mr. Trela came to visit the farm and witnessed the beautiful Ekstern foals what lead in the end also the usage of Ekstern in the state studs.
Ekstern returned back in 2003 for another season as I had amazing success with his offspring and it was a wish of mine to create more Ekstern daughters to expand my breeding program.
In summer time 2003 they had a special class at the Elran Cup called the Mercedes Cup where all big champions competed for a car in front of the Castle of Rullingen, Ekstern rocked the arena in a liberty presentation with his companion Erik Dorssers who took him to all his victories.
For a final time in 2010 I convinced once more Mr. Bialobok to lease him once more for a breeding season.
In my program I have several Ekstern daughters still today and some of those mares produced so well that I still have today his important influence in my breeding program.
Each year on my yearly visit to the Pride of Poland I had to make a visit to Michalow Stud and spend some time together with Ekstern, it became a yearly tradition and i’m so grateful for those moments.
Thank you Ekstern for creating my foundation, I will be forever thankful to you and I couldn’t imagine of life shared with you!
You are my heart horse ??

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